How To Keep Pool Cover On Above Ground Pool

One of the biggest challenges of having a swimming pool cover is keeping it on without sagging or even falling into the pool. Especially during the winter when we have crazy winds alongside the extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, it is likely for the pool cover to sink in when it is raining. Therefore, you will have to come up with an effective method to keep pool cover on the above ground pool. Below is a list of ways to help you keep the latter on at all times:

Use Mesh pool Cover
Floaties/beach balls
Air Pillow

Mesh Pool covers

We usually consider the season we are in when talking about pool covers. Solar pool covers are useful for the summer season while you will need a winter cover for the winter season. Mesh covers are particularly helpful during cold and rainy weather. Other covers made of fabrics will hold water and thus leading to your protection sinking into the pool. In other cases, your cover will keep a snow load that makes it sag.

Mesh pool covers, on the other hand, will ensure that water gets into the pull but no debris. It will protect your pool from dirt and only allow rainwater to get it, leaving your pool clean and ready for use.

Floaties Pool Cover On Above Ground Pool

It is the best way to keep the pool cover on, especially on the above ground pool. Use as many floaties as you can in the pool before actually putting the lid on. We typically see it in the middle of the pool. They should be way above the water level for it to work.

Once you have enough of them in the pool, you can, therefore, put the pool cover on the above ground pool. This way, the water will not have a central point to collect and thus eliminate all the sagging.

Pool Air Pillow

This works the same way as the floaties do. Most people living in areas with snow or icy places have to get an air-filled pillow for their pools. This way, the void in the middle of the pool will allow the ice, rainwater, and snow to move towards the pillow. Without the pad, the water or snow will collect and spread all over the cover and potentially tear it. You can alternatively use the tire tubes, or as stated above, swimming floaties can also be of help.

In conclusion, it is essential for you to to understand that the aim is to protect your pool from dirt, besides, by making sure providing the pool pillow or floaties. You will be protecting your pool from harm as well. During winter, the above three methods should help keep your cover from sagging or sinking from the snow load or rainwater collecting on the cover. After the winter is all gone, you will find your pool as you had left it before putting on the cover.

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