Supporters of the March

The Toronto March to Close Down All Slaughterhouses is seeking donors, volunteers, and community participants to support this event. To officially endorse the march, and have your organization's logo added to the supporters page on our website,
please contact us.

LUSH Cosmetics
LUSH Cosmetics  | 
A Well Fed World
A Well Fed World | 
PETA  | 
Viva! Vegetarians International Voice for Animals
Viva! Vegetarians International Voice for Animals  | 
Mothers Against Dairy
Mothers Against Dairy | 
Sweets From the Earth Bakery
Sweets From the Earth  | 
We Animals | JoAnne McArthur
We Animals | JoAnne McArthur  | 
Have a Heart Farm
Have a Heart Farm  | 

Meat Free Athlete  | 

Toronto Pig Save  | 
Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary
Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary  | 
Animal Liberation Alliance London
Animal Liberation Alliance London  | 
Durham Region Farmed Animal Save  | 
Toronto Cow Save
Toronto Cow Save  | 
All Creatures Rescue
All Creatures Rescue  | 

Social Workers for Animals
Social Workers for Animals  | 
Ruby Ranch Pig Sanctuary
Ruby Ranch Pig Sanctuary  | 
Toronto Chicken Save
Toronto Chicken Save  | 

Humane Foundation
Humane Foundation
Mice and Rats Rights
MARR  | 

Wagner Farm Rescue Fund
Wagner Farm Rescue Fund  | 

Barrie's Animal Activist Network
Barrie's Animal Activist Network  | 
Kebek Animal Rights Association
Kebek Animal Rights Association  | 
Earthling Liberation Kollective - ELK
Earthling Liberation Kollective - ELK | 
Love 4 Animals  | 

International Communication for Animal Justice
International Communication for Animal Justice  | 
Niagara Action for Animals
Niagara Action for Animals

Vegan Environmental Party Canada
Vegan Environmental Party  | 

Smallbones  | 

Know Thy Food Vegan Cooking Classes
Know Thy Food  | 

 Ottawa Animal Defense League

 Fur Free London

 Ocean Voice London

 Vegeration (University of Waterloo
 Vegan/Vegetarian Club)

 Kingston Animal Trust K.A.T.
 Durham Animal Rights Alliance

 Sweet Revenge

 Toronto Activists Support Group