2016 Speakers + Performers

Emily Moran Barwick, Bite Size Vegan

Emily Moran Barwick, Bite SiZe Vegan

Emily, creator of Bite Size Vegan, is an activist, artist, educator, writer, speaker, animal-lover, book-worm, fruit-ninja, and-well, bite-size vegan! She's passionate about the rights of non-human animals. Emily has her Bachelors, Masters, Masters of Fine Arts and is also a Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Personal Trainer. Emily created Bite Size Vegan with the desire to make a difference for the animals. "I want to help people understand veganism- that it's not an exclusive club, fad diet, or elitist social movement, but rather a logical, compassionate, rational approach to life- especially in regards to the lives of others. My hope is to help people really look at our reasoning behind what we do to animals; to examine our justifications more deeply than, 'that's the way it's always been.'" We are thrilled that she will be speaking at the march this year! biteSizeVegan.com

Direct Action Everywhere, Toronto, DXE Choir

Direct Action Everywhere Toronto (DxE), Choir

DxE Singers, a sub-group of Direct Action Everywhere Toronto, is disrupting the normalization of the exploitation of non human animals through music, song and multi media. A disruption at the Farm building at the Canadian National Exhibition last summer can be seen on this video. We are super excited that they will be leading us in a song of liberation!

Kathy Stevens

Previous Speakers

Kathy Stevens

Founder and President of Catskill Animal Sanctuary in NY State, Kathy spent her childhood on a Virginia horse farm. Kathy moved to Boston for graduate school, and after a decade of teaching high school English, she was asked to head a charter school. Instead, one year later, she opened Catskill Animal Sanctuary, one of the country's leading havens for rescued farmed animals and a center for raising public awareness of their sentience and their suffering. She is the author of two critically and popularly-acclaimed books, Where the Blind Horse Sings and Animal Camp, a blogger on farmed animal issues for the Huffington Post, and a frequent contributor to books and articles on farmed animals, vegan living, and related issues. Kathy is an avid reader, loves to hike, swim, and bike, and spends rare quiet time with her close friends. We are thrilled that Kathy is coming all the way to Toronto to speak at this year's march!

Paul Bali

Paul Bali

A professor of Philosophy at Ryerson University, Paul is a dedicated and outspoken activist in the Toronto area animal rights community. Most recently, Paul was involved in arranging the release of a lamb from a Newmarket slaughterhouse at Easter. Meadow the lamb now resides at the beautiful Wishing Well Sanctuary where he will live, protected and loved, for the rest of his life. Paul is one of the lead organizers of the Meet Me at the Stockyards action where several activists recently blocked a truck filled with cows from entering a Toronto slaughterhouse. He is an organizer at the Animal Rights Academy, and is also the founder of the Save Response Team; a group placing animals into safe homes who have been rescued or escaped from slaughterhouses, farms and other forms of enslavement. We are very grateful to Paul for speaking at this year's march, and for working hard to make the world a better place for non-human animals!



Singer, rapper, actor, social, ecological and animal rights activist, Gaiaisi uses his multi-talents to bring animal issue awareness to the public through music. Gaiaisi produced a powerful music video exposing the fur industry, Tell a Friend, that went viral on social media. His work has been endorsed by several celebrities and featured in media outlets, including Pamela Anderson, David Suzuki, The Toronto Star, The Examiner, 360 Magazine and Rabble.ca. Gaiaisi has performed for several animal and climate related events including a performance in Parliament Hill for Climate Change. We are super excited that Gaiaisi will be performing at the 2015 March to Close All Slaughterhouses! Check out his web site at: Gaiaisi.org.

Harold Brown, Guest Speaker

Harold Brown

Growing up on a Michigan beef farm, Harold Brown instinctively felt that the animals his family were raising for food were not so different than his pet dog or cat. While he noticed that other farm kids struggled with this, like them, he did as he was told and set his feelings aside. "The last thing you ever want to be is weak," recalls Harold. "Weak farmers don't survive." Later in life, a remarkable encounter with a rescued steer at a sanctuary opens the door to Harold's past, launching him on a life-changing quest to reintegrate the parts of himself that were fragmented as a child. With striking honesty and emotional courage, Harold attempts to come to terms with the violence he both witnessed and participated in as a routine part of life on the farm. Featured in the film, Peaceable Kingdom, Harold's quest for healing leads him to connect with other former farmers, and to forge a new path that integrates his love and knowledge of animals with his vision for a more peaceful world. "To follow that vision, that dream," says Harold, "It's really a joyous thing. It's going home."
Visit Harold Brown's web site: Farm Kind.