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March to Close All Slaughterhouses

It is now time to demand, loud and clear, the end of animal slavery and the abolition of all practices that cause them the most harm: breeding, fishing and slaughter.

On June 11, 2016 in Toronto, Ontario, and around the world, compassionate citizens will hold a peaceful march to demand the closure of all slaughterhouses and to end the violence that we inflict on non-human animals. We will be joined by compassionate citizens across the globe, who will march in solidarity.

As a society, we have marched against sexism, racism, and homophobia. Now, we ask you to join us to march against another oppression: speciesism. Our fellow non-human earthlings desperately need us to act against their continuous pain and suffering at the hands of a meat-eating society. Meat consumption causes more suffering and death than any other human activity and is completely unnecessary.

It is estimated that every year 1,000-billion aquatic animals are killed worldwide. That's 1,902,588 every minute or 31,710 every second. And, even worse, it's estimated that each year 64-billion land animals are killed worldwide for the appetite of humans. (Or 121,766 every minute and 2,029 every second).

March to Close All SlaughterhousesIt's time to state clearly the necessity to abolish non-human slavery, and oppose the practices that exploit, torture, and murder animals. Please join us for this critical event and speak out on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. This march is part of a movement needed to permanently shut down all slaughterhouses and will ultimately awaken the greatest transformation that humankind has ever known.

See details and Code of Conduct for the peaceful March to Close All Slaughterhouses.

The Philosophy behind the March: Demanding the abolition of animal exploitation, torture and killing

The number of people who refuse to participate in the mass exploitation, torture and killing of nonhumans is growing. While it is important to ask people to boycott the consumption of animal products (i.e. to be vegan) we must denounce the very existence of animal-use industries. Animal exploitation, just like any other form of exploitation, implies a system that makes oppression morally acceptable and justified, and discourages challenges to its fundamental ideology. This discrimination against nonhuman animals, called "speciesism", is at the root of all animal slavery. It concerns the whole of our society and must be addressed at a collective level. As such, animal exploitation is a political and social issue. In this context, we use the term "political" because we are engaging citizens in order to change social organizations, laws, institutions, ideologies and culture. The prohibition of animal slavery and consumption should never be compromised and presented as an option, nor as a matter of personal choice. It is a matter of justice for the exploited and murdered victims. If we do not boldly and directly demand this social change now, the status of animals as commodities will remain the default option, and abolition of nonhuman animal slavery will always remain a dream, never a reality.

Our Limited Edition March T-Shirt

The bright red colour of the official March t-shirt represents the blood of victims of slaughter. We encourage all participants to purchase and wear this shirt to help create a powerful impact at the march. They can be reused at future marches, as this is an annual event... until all slaughterhouses are closed down.
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Seeking donors, volunteers and community participants to support this peaceful event.

Volunteers and Donors needed!Please contact us if you and/or your organization can participate in any of the following ways: