How Much Do Automatic Pool Cover Cost?

The world gives us complete accessibility nowadays, and our lives have become much more manageable and satisfactory. Since machines are everywhere, it is not surprising that even pool covers are automated. 

Have you experienced installing a regular pool cover?  It must have been very challenging and exhausting. 

As appealing as it sounds, several would then ask how much does this automatic pool cover cost. You might already have an impression around how much this is, and you might as well already have a second thought of preferring this automatic over manual settings. Well, here’s the thing, the price is not plainly about the amount you see. More than that, it manifests the value of a particular product and how much benefit you can get from it.

Based on the market, the price of an automatic pool cover would range from $10,000 to $22,000. You can get some at $6,000, but this would depend on the size you need and type of cover you want, and the difficulty of the installation.

This may appear a bit expensive compared to regular pool covers thinking that they offer the same convenience, but if you look closely, there are extra advantages you can receive in an automatic pool cover. Here are some of these benefits:

1. Feel the Heat

            With an automatic pool cover, you don’t have to utilize a heat pump to warm your pool because this cover works much better than a solar cover.

2. Safety Guaranty

            Some regular cover does not usually hold heavy objects, but automatic pool cover does. Not only that it provides steady support, but you can also enjoy walking on top of it with your pet or children moreover.

3. Low Maintenance

            The common advantage of pool covers is to keep leaves, debris, and other falling objects or dirt away from our pool. Aside from that, an automatic pool cover does not only guard the pool against unwanted objects. It also keeps the filter and pump running efficiently, so you’ll only have to clean up a little.

4. User-Friendly

            Unlike other pool covers, this automatic pool cover is much easier to operate, and you can expect to enjoy a lasting pleasure with your pool.

Never doubt to choose the automatic pool cover among all other types, think of the safety feature it can give to you and your home. Picture out a moment of having fun with your family and friends at the pool just by a tick of a switch or playing fun games while sitting on top of the cover as if it’s like a water bed. Amazing, right?

You can further attach the stress-free feature of this product, wherein you do not have to be disturbed about your child or pet you left at home playing beside the pool. 

Money can be earned, but a satisfactory living is irreplaceable. Never trade constant peace over perishable commodities. This automatic pool cover may be costly, but choose to look on the convenient side, this automatic pool cover has a lot to offer. Make use of what the world provides you!

Why Are Pools Covered in Florida?

The idea of covering the swimming pool in Florida gives pool owners on the place, all the benefits they can get. They gain much from this. What they need is a shield that can provide them protection from bugs and irritating heat. That is why screen enclosures are popular and a known swimming pool protection rather than merely pool covers. The place requires pool safety precautions for certain factors that can only experience by them.

Their usual screen enclosures should give them an indoor and outdoor space in which they can widely open the sliding doors and windows to experience the natural beauty of its nature from the inside. There shouldn’t be any bugs to bother and leaves to get rid off. 

why are pools covered in Florida

Florida is very known for its never-ending sunny weather. The reason it has been called the Sunshine State. Although the sun’s heat is a bit healthy for some ideas, too much exposure from the sun’s rays is not good. It is the very first reason why screen enclosure is accessible in them. To give them protection against sunlight as well as to cool their swimming pool. To ease the heat and irritation, they are experiencing.

Second is that enclosing their swimming pool gives pool owners easy maintenance of the cleanliness of the swimming pool area. No falling debris to clean since it is close that only members of the family can penetrate the area.

The very same reason for the third purpose of closing their swimming pools. That having the pool area barred can give them protection, other than bugs and falling debris, but also from other possible visitors like frogs, birds, and species from the wild, like snakes and alligators. It can also keep kids and other members of the family to go outside the backyard and meet an accident. 

Their pool closure should stand even after a hurricane strikes. This situation is ubiquitous in this state — fourth of the reason why it is necessary to enclose the swimming pool.

The fifth reason concerns with the swimming pool benefits. That the enclosure can reduce chemical usage of the pool, slows down the growth of algae, and reduces evaporation in which refiling the pool water at the right level is very seldom. Evaporation can be a cause of lowering and reduction of pool water. Also, closing their swimming pool can help in the heating or cooling of the pool, thus reduces the energy cost.

why are pools covered in Florida

So lastly, closing their swimming pool can give way for extra space of their homes. They can add an outdoor kitchen, a mini bar, an extension of the dining area, and some relaxation area, same through with their doors and windows wide open. No bugs and other insects are wandering around. It is quite an excellent chance to relax and enjoy the perfect weather. Even rain falls, the swimming pool is available. Feel free to swim without worrying anything. 

They all have the reason to close their swimming pool area. To cope up with the actual situation and scenario of Florida. 

How To Keep Pool Cover On Above Ground Pool

One of the biggest challenges of having a swimming pool cover is keeping it on without sagging or even falling into the pool. Especially during the winter when we have crazy winds alongside the extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, it is likely for the pool cover to sink in when it is raining. Therefore, you will have to come up with an effective method to keep pool cover on the above ground pool. Below is a list of ways to help you keep the latter on at all times:

Use Mesh pool Cover
Floaties/beach balls
Air Pillow

Mesh Pool covers

We usually consider the season we are in when talking about pool covers. Solar pool covers are useful for the summer season while you will need a winter cover for the winter season. Mesh covers are particularly helpful during cold and rainy weather. Other covers made of fabrics will hold water and thus leading to your protection sinking into the pool. In other cases, your cover will keep a snow load that makes it sag.

Mesh pool covers, on the other hand, will ensure that water gets into the pull but no debris. It will protect your pool from dirt and only allow rainwater to get it, leaving your pool clean and ready for use.

Floaties Pool Cover On Above Ground Pool

It is the best way to keep the pool cover on, especially on the above ground pool. Use as many floaties as you can in the pool before actually putting the lid on. We typically see it in the middle of the pool. They should be way above the water level for it to work.

Once you have enough of them in the pool, you can, therefore, put the pool cover on the above ground pool. This way, the water will not have a central point to collect and thus eliminate all the sagging.

Pool Air Pillow

This works the same way as the floaties do. Most people living in areas with snow or icy places have to get an air-filled pillow for their pools. This way, the void in the middle of the pool will allow the ice, rainwater, and snow to move towards the pillow. Without the pad, the water or snow will collect and spread all over the cover and potentially tear it. You can alternatively use the tire tubes, or as stated above, swimming floaties can also be of help.

In conclusion, it is essential for you to to understand that the aim is to protect your pool from dirt, besides, by making sure providing the pool pillow or floaties. You will be protecting your pool from harm as well. During winter, the above three methods should help keep your cover from sagging or sinking from the snow load or rainwater collecting on the cover. After the winter is all gone, you will find your pool as you had left it before putting on the cover.

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How To Install Pool Cover

Whether you have an inground pool or above ground pool, you will need a cover for it, be it for safety or during the winter season. You will need excellent and high-quality protection for your pool – no need to worry as there are plenty of good covers out here. I am sure you will be able to get one. However, installing the cover is not always a simple process, even though necessary. You might need to hire a professional to do it for you, depending on how sophisticated the cover is. It is a guide that you can use to install your pool cover.

Now, this will highlight on how to install different types of pool cover including the following;

Mesh pool cover

Automatic Cover

Solar safety Cover

How to install pool cover (Mesh)

It is probably the most straightforward type of cover to install. You can be able to do it on your own. Once you get all the required materials for a mesh pool cover, it is time to make the bolt holes before attaching the clips to the bolts. Make sure it is tight enough to fit the swimming pool and especially if you are putting it for safety.

Solar Safety Cover installation

Once you get your solar pool blanket home, spread it out next to your poo. It should not be as difficult for you to install. Then spread the cover over the pool with the bubble side facing down. The bubbles are meant to keep the cover afloat as well as assist in the heating process. This way, you will keep your pool clean and also warm for evening swims.

Automatic Cover

Installing an automatic cover is not as easy as it is for the other two. You might need to hire a professional pool company to do this for you. The process of installation will depend on the type and shape of your pool. The cover system, also known as the underside,  will be installed first to facilitate the installation of the automatic pool cover. It is in the case of a rectangular swimming pool.

Now, there are so many types of pool covers you can choose from. You will be able to choose based on your preferences and use for the protection. For instance, you cannot have the same cover for winter and still use it for heating your pool. Therefore, consider the weather conditions and type of your pool before getting a cover. Additionally, the shape of it is also a point of consideration when you are making a purchase. Ensure that the pool cover fits your pool and meets your needs as well. It will prevent any accidents in the pool, probably a child falling into the pool. Besides, it will also keep the pool clean and free of decaying leaves and debris.

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